Pressure washing saves the day – fast response delights MP

Tensid's mobile industrial pressure washers save timeIn the arena of professional cleaning, the right tools for the job make all the difference when it comes to the bottom line.

We recently talked to Mr. Bob Hoggett, Managing Director of The Anti Graffiti Company, about his experiences using a wide range of pressure washers.  The Anti Graffiti Company have used Tensid’s hot water Aquila pressure washers for 15 years.  Bob’s team regularly work on project sites that require graffiti removal, floor washing, building and street cleaning, plus, removing graffiti and mould from statues in parks.

“The Aquila is quiet so it avoids upsetting residents when we’re working at 7AM in the morning, or at night, explained Bob.  “Also, it doesn’t seem to freeze in winter like other pressure washers we’ve used in the past, which saves us a lot of time and maintenance.  It’s well-built and the valves are protected because the unit is enclosed, so you can turn it off, put the lid down and it will stay warm under there for some time even in freezing temperatures.”

Tensid’s hot water pressure washing equipment was used by The Anti Graffiti Company to clean and treat St. David’s 2 commercial development in Cardiff.  An Aquila hot water pressure washer was used to clean the buildings and a Birchmeier airless sprayer was used to apply Tensid’s Graffi Coat 1 anti-graffiti coating to the store fonts.

Bob described a recent pressure-washing ‘save-the-day’ experience, “Last week we were in Lewisham and the local authorities have been clearing bushes from the pathways in the area to make it a more pleasant place to walk and cycle, but this exposed graffiti on the walls of the pumping station.  A media event was scheduled for the opening of the pathways and an MP had complained about the offensive graffiti that was now visible, so we were called by Thames Water to clean the walls.  They called on Friday and the media event was on the following Wednesday.

We cleaned the walls using Tensid’s Aquila hot water pressure washer and some Graffi Clean 300 to remove the spray paint,” explains Bob.  “Three quarters of the wall was built of engineering blocks – just using the Aquila’s hot water and pressure removed most of the graffiti.  We got it all cleaned-up before the media and officials arrived for the opening.”

Tensid’s Aquila pressure washer has saved The Anti Graffiti Company money because of low maintenance costs – in our experience, it doesn’t break down as much as other pressure washers we’ve used in the past.  Also, it is easy to use which translates into time savings because we don’t have to keep re-teaching people how to use it.  It helps us to be as efficient as possible and concentrate on our work,” concludes Bob.

If you’d like to learn more about Tensid’s professional and industrial pressure washers, please call Richard at 01932 564 133 or take a look at this web page for a an overview of the different pressure washing equipment that is available for purchase or hire from Tensid UK Ltd.


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