TORIK Stone Cleaning System

TORIK Stone Cleaning System

Stonework cleaning and restoration solution

TORIK Stone Cleaning System meets the most discerning specification requirements while being portable and efficient.

TORIK’s controllable stream of high pressure superheated water and steam quickly removes grime, moss, algae, fungi and many other types of soiling.  Combine with TAVEC 201 for a complete paint removal solution.


Paul Coupland of First Choice High Level Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd, Portsmouth had this to say…. The BEST system around for ease of use and reliablilty”

Peter McNamara of P.Mac Ltd, Dublin says….. “The Toriks are working out great, not only are they much quieter and cleaner than our last machines they are also much more efficient.”

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What TORIK does:

TORIK Stone Cleaning System provides the option of chemical-free cleaning and optimal results with Tensid products.  TORIK produces a controllable stream of high pressure superheated water and steam that quickly removes grime, moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter.  The superheated water and steam also kills spores thereby eliminating the source of biological growth.
Cleaning and paint removal with the TORIK system is gentle, safe and effective for use on stonework and brick masonry.

  • Stone and Masonry cleaning
  • Grime removal

    torik stonecleaning system

    torik at the National Gallery

  • Algae and moss removal
  • Cleaning and sterilisation
  • Paint stripping
  • Bitumen removal
  • Graffiti and chewing gum removal
  • Oil and grease cleaning

How TORIK works?

TORIK stone cleaning system is a two-component piece of equipment that is mobile enough to be transported in a van, yet robust enough for even the toughest stone cleaning projects.

TORIK generates superheated water in a diesel burner and an electric pump generates the controllable high pressure delivered through a high pressure lance. The operator has full control of pressure and temperature for optimal cleaning and surface protection.  The 15º to 25º cleaning edge is created with a ceramic nozzle for optimal precision.

TORIK Paint Removal

TORIK Stone Cleaning System is teamed with TAVEC 201 for complete and safe paint removal from virtually any surface.   TAVEC 201 is safe for the environment and the user.  Samples are available for professionals.  Please complete the FAST TRACK SAMPLE REQUEST online at: 

TORIK Stone Cleaning System is available to buy or hire.

Price: £ 4,750 plus VAT and carriage
In Stock: Yes   |  Available to hire: Yes

Call 01932 564 133 or email to learn more and arrange a demonstration.