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ONECOAT ® Floor & Wall protection is a high-tech single component coating for most walls and floors. ONECOAT creates a long lasting and durable clear non-yellowing high gloss finish on most types of man-made flooring materials as well as emulsion painted surfaces. ONECOAT has excellent chemical and scratch resistance properties whilst retaining its elasticity. easy to clean, and resists permanent staining from graffiti and other stains.






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Before and after 2 coats of ONECOAT CP



ONECOAT® CP is a high performance single component ceramic polish treatment that can be used on most painted metal, plastic and other metal surfaces. It is resistant to peeling, flaking, scratching, abrasion and chemical agents. It’s high weather resistance and E2C (easy to clean) properties result in the reduction of maintenance costs. ONECOAT ® CP is used to protect new surface finishes and restore dull and worn surfaces