Our Story

It is now over 30 years since Tensid was established as a specialist supplier of the AGS© anti graffiti system, PROSOCO building cleaning products and Aquila pressure washing machines. This began a journey of innovation and Tensid UK is now Europe’s leading authority on the cleaning, restoration and protection of built surfaces.

To an ever-increasing degree, brick, concrete, pavement and stone masonry surfaces are a fundamental feature of our lives. All of these materials and surfaces require cleaning, protection and restoration.

Tensid UK meets this need by providing a highly comprehensive range of products and equipment to manage the care of all common (and some uncommon) man-made surfaces and building materials.

With over 30 years experience, the experts at Tensid UK can solve your surface care and restoration challenges.  You can be assured of outstanding technical support and customer service. Plus, we strive to ensure that, as far as possible, our products are safe for the environment, biodegradable and friendly for the user.

For example:

Pressure washing using recycled water
Tensid is the UK distributor of Aquila TD302REC hot water pressure washer. This advanced equipment collects, filters and recycles water for use again and again. What could be more environmentally responsible? Streets and town centres can be cleaned during the day as there is no water splashing and no need to fill up the water tank – use the same recycled water all day. Using the Aquila TD302REC hot water pressure washer means less time disposing of waste and producing waste notices. Saves water, time and energy!

Can you clean new builds without hydrochloric acid?
Yes you can! The introduction of Safety Klean has proven very successful and is being widely used by contractors, brick companies and precast concrete producers and it is hydrochloric acid free – it can be used on most surfaces and it does not damage surrounding areas, nor is it harmful to passers by.

Tensid provides a fully comprehensive range of products that are designed to be kinder to the environment. And, continuing research and development means we not only improve but, continually introduce new breakthrough products to our ranges.

We are not simply a supplier, our expertise enables us to provide technical advice and support for you on-site or by phone. We can help you conduct site trials and provide demonstrations. Tensid is not a contractor, however we do have an extensive nationwide list of contractors whom we are happy to recommend.

We are here for you – to understand your business and to provide the help and support to whatever extent you need. Working side by side with you – we supply the expertise, then you supply the success!

Contact us today +44(0) 1932 564 133 or send a message here and we’ll respond fast.


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