OIL REMOVERS – clean oil and stains

Oil Removal: Tensid’s oil removers are effective for removal of heavy oil and grease stains from all surfaces. Used successfully on projects such as the granite surfaces of Leicester City Centre.

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Micro Degreaser uses modern micro emulsion technology to remove even the heaviest grease and oil. Micro Degreaser is a liquid which removes oil and grease from all surfaces. Areas of application include rail engineering pits, car parks, driveways, plant and machinery ports and much more. It is non hazardous and easy to use. Micro Degreaser Product Data SheetMicro Degreaser Material Safety Data SheetAsk Tensid a Question
Bio Oil Digester is effective in removing petroleum based oils and greases. It inoculates oil and grease based stains with micro-organisms which work to degrade the contamination. Essential micronutrients stimulate this action. In this way Bio Oil Digester will remove stains embedded in porous concrete, stone, asphalt and soil as well as non-porous surfaces. Bio Oil Digester Product Data SheetBio Oil Digester Material Safety Data SheetAsk Tensdi a Question
Oil Stain Remover Poultice is a powerful and easy to use oil and grease stain remover, fast and effective, suitable for most masonry. Oil Stain Remover Poultice Product Data SheetOil Stain Remove Poultice Material Safety Data SheetAsk Tensdi a Question