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April 2018 – Our next OPEN DAY is to be this month on the 25th between 11am and 4pm. Please call in to have a chat, refreshments and the chance to see a few demos, mainly Dry Ice Production and Cleaning  See more here >>>>




Before and after 2 coats of ONECOAT CP


March 2018 –  Simple and effective restoration and protection with ONECOAT CP  (ceramic polish)  read more >>>





Feb 2018 – tensid uk ltd is proud to announce it is 30 years old ! To help us celebrate keep checking in to see what offers and events we have going on.



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Jan 2018 – Graffi Coat 1 was used on this facade before this temporary mural was painted

See how this was done here>>> 






Dec 2017 – A fun day at Legoland using ONECOAT  Read More here>>>



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Oct 2017 – At last we have Instruction Videos for our torik stonecleaning system using superheated water.    Please view here>>


Spuma Weed Killing_Open Day

Sept 2017 – We are pleased to introduce the new, efficient and eco-friendly Spuma Weed Killing system at our Open Day on Wednesday 13th September. Spuma is a thermal method of controlling weeds without pesticides

See More>>


The Cleaning Show 2017 stand



     Mar 2017- The Cleaning Show 2017       See More >>




Oct 2016 – Centre Point’s transformation is about to be revealed. The torik superheated stone cleaning system + Prosoco 766 prewash and Limestone Afterwash have been used here.




Jan 2016 – Tavec 201 and the Torik superheated stone cleaning system were used here to remove the external paint from this house in Brentford  See More>>



Oct 2015 –Thanks to Alfresco UK Ltd for more photos of Cladding restoration using our range of Cladex products  See More>>




July 2015 – This Churchill statue in Westerham was cleaned and restored by Graffiti Busters and Prelude Stone using Tensid products  See More>>




June 2015 –  This statue from Harrys Restaurant in Exeter was cleaned by Richard Hardy of Barley Manor Conservation using 766 Prewash and Limestone Afterwash




April 2015 –   The torik stonecleaning system and torik nebulous system are used to clean County Hall, London using superheated water  See More >>



March 2015 –   tensid uk ltd is on the move at last !!


torik stonecleaning system


March 2015 – The torik stonecleaning system goes to the National Theatre, Southbank, London




February 2015 – Our latest product is called Stone & Renderwash.
This remarkable cleaning product removes organic and moisture related soiling and stains from most porous building materials. Easy, fast and safe to use on the majority of materials. It is recommended for exterior use on stone and render, terracotta, monuments, pavings, decking, fences etc. Read More >>



 January 2015 – Speedheater have announced a NEW product to their range which is the smaller, innovative infrared paint stripper, Cobra and we are so excited that at last it’s on its way to us in the UK!  This portable, ergonomically designed speedheater is light, quick  and easy to use.  In the meantime if you would like some more information read here or please phone us on 01932 564 133 or contact us



Using Impreg CCS - Concrete Colour Stain

August, 2014 – Impreg CCS .  Concrete Colour Stain –  Clean, Colour and Protect Concrete with one product Read Here




May, 2014 –  Read here this News article explaining how AGS Graffi Coat 1 helped with the temporary exhibition of artwork by Roa at Southbank, London


Building Conservation MasterclassFebruary, 2014 – “Cleaning Masonry Buildings” Training  arranged for October 6th-9th 2014  to be held at West Dean College.

The Principal Tutor is our own CEO, Brian Klelund  Read More >>

Graffi Coat 103 Street Scene being applied to Lampost


January, 2014 – The lamposts in Arhus, Denmark are still clear of stickers due to the application of Graffi Coat 103 Street Scene.



Cenotaph, Whitehall London

  December, 2013 – Cenotaph Restoration Project Video is published in the Metro

The clean was done using Superheated steam / water and Monumentique Paste.

>>See the before and after photo here >>





– Natural Stone Specialist Oct 2013

Shakespeare gets a clean using our specialist Poultices and torik stone cleaning system using superheated water  Read More >>




  JULY, 2013 – New Video of the Torik Stone Cleaning System




May 24, 2013 – NEW! TORIK Stone Cleaning System
Superheated steam and water stone cleaning is now more affordable. READ ONLINE >>

MARCH 20, 2013 – National Painting and Decorating Association shares news about Tensid’s popular paint stripper
TAVEC 201 DCM-free paint stripper. READ ONLINE >>


 FEBRUARY 2013 – New containers for the popular safe paint stripper
 TAVEC 201 DCM-free paint stripper now in lightweight 4 litre containers!.  READ ONLINE >>





– Tomorrow’s Cleaning Feb 2013

‘A day in the life’ stories from the field and a look at Tensid’s professional pressure washers.




  JANUARY 2013 – Speedheater Infrared Paint Stripper SALE READ ONLINE >>


JANUARY 2013 – Pressure Washer Anti-freeze Kit
Protect your pressure washer with Tensid’s antifreeze kit. READ ONLINE >>


– Railway Strategies Dec/Jan 2013

Featured story on the topic of Tensid’s anti-graffiti coatings.



DECEMBER 2012 – Merry Christmas from Tensid UK Ltd!
Enjoy this animated Christmas eCard from the Tensid team. READ ONLINE >>


DECEMBER 2012 – Congratulations Winner of a Speedheater Infrared Paint Stripper!
Winner from the Painting and Decorating Show Speedheater offer is announced. READ ONLINE >>


New website launched. Paint stripping guide online. How to remove graffiti. Marketing. READ ONLINE >>