How to Remove Oil Stains

You know that sinking feeling when you move a vehicle and see drips, or even a pool, of oil soaking into the surface of your driveway or garage floor?

Or, maybe you’ve seen factory floors that are marred by equipment oil and presenting slip and fall hazards.

Oil stains are ugly and can even lower the value of property or create hazards.  The good news is there are effective ways to safely remove them.

Here’s a quick list of products that are available for oil stain removal.  OIL STAIN REMOVERS >>

All are safe for the user and environment, while powerful enough to remove even the toughest oil stains.

If you’ve got an oil stain and want advice on the best way to remove it, feel free to give Richard a call at 01932 564 133, or fill-out the contact form to request more information.

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