New, lighter containers for TAVEC 201
Innovative paint stripper - now easier to carry.

Tavec 201 DCM free paint stripper in 20 litre and 4 litre containersTensid UK supplies the popular DCM-free paint stripper TAVEC 201. To meet customer demand, TAVEC 201 is now available in smaller-sized 4 litre containers, in addition to the standard 20 litre drums. Both size containers can be shipped anywhere in the UK and Europe, in any size quantity from small to large.

TAVEC 201 is an innovative paint stripper that provides many attractive benefits for professionals working on both small and large-scale restoration and renovation projects. TAVEC 201 is safer for the user and works by swelling the paint, lifting it away from the substrate so it can be easily scraped away. TAVEC 201 is highly effective even on thick multi-layered old paint, and is safe for use on lead-based paint and on most substrates, including wood, metal, brick, stone and masonry. 

TAVEC 201 has been used successfully on many small and large paint stripping projects, including London Olympia Exhibition Centre, and has been approved for use by London Underground.

For project-related testing, professionals can obtain a free sample of Tensid's TAVEC 201 DCM-free paint stripper by visiting and clicking on the FAST TRACK SAMPLES link. 

For technical questions and to receive a copy of the product data sheet, please call 01932 564 133 or email


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